Monday, July 10, 2017

Some favorite daylilies

This post is purely looking at four giant daylilies that I bought from Oakes Daylilies, my "go to" place to shop and get advice for daylilies.  They stand by their products and replace if one doesn't come back in the first year.  I have been completely satisfied with them and here are four reasons why I keep coming back to this company.
This is Selma Long Legs.  It is huge and dominates the top of our hill in back of our Cabin.  It has been blooming since July 3rd!

This is Ruby Spider.  It, too is huge and makes stunning blooms.  It is perfect to be near Selma Long Legs because it is also big.
Here is a different Spider Man right next to the Selma Long Legs.  It holds its own.  Behind Spider Man is Exotic Star.
Exotic Star
It is a little smaller than Spider Man, and not as visible but beautiful.  I will move him when he gets a bit stronger.  I have found that if I leave them alone a few years they are more fit to transplant. (fully trial and error).
One of my best friends calls my addiction to daylilies the spirit return of her mother who could completely forget her children when she was in the middle of daylily season.  So, I'm prepared accept her reminder.

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